Information Needed to File a Claim: 

Your policy number

Your contact information, including any temporary addresses or phone numbers where you can be reached 

Damage description (example: tree fell on roof, lightning struck house)

Mortgage company information (if applicable)

Don't hesitate to call for assistance. 

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Your Safety Is Our First Priority

If your property is unsafe, do not try to enter your home. 

Don’t Wait to Report Your Claim

Even if you don’t know the full extent of the damages, report your claim as soon as you become aware of or suspect damage. 

Document the Damage

To prevent further damage, you may need to make temporary repairs to your home. Before you make any repairs or remove any damaged contents from your home:

Prepare a list of lost and damaged items

Keep any damaged items in a safe location so the adjuster can complete an inspection of those items.

Take photos to document the damage. 

Prevent Further Damage

 If safety and common sense allow, take steps to prevent further property damage by making temporary repairs wherever possible.

It may be necessary to complete emergency repairs to prevent further damages. These may include turning off broken water supply lines, boarding up broken windows, placing a tarp on a damaged roof or having standing water removed from the home to start the drying process. Remember that your adjuster must inspect your home and authorize any permanent tear out, removal or repair of items, before they are completed.

Keep Your Receipts

Keep receipts for all purchases or services needed to make temporary emergency repairs.

Save receipts for any additional living expenses you incur while your home is uninhabitable due to a covered loss.